Question Of The Week 5-19-2021

What are you currently worried about?

I am not worried about anything right now, beyond the normal. Finances. I was going to list more, but when I think about them, I really don’t have any major worries. And I’m not worried about Finances like I used to be. I trust the money will be there.

I guess if I had to be worried about anything, it would be not only this country, but the world. Everywhere I look, I see the cruelty one person can do to another. Or that one person or group can do to another group. Mass shooting, wars, bombings, random acts of violence which seem to defy the reality of our existence.

Hate is fear. Fear of the unknown and the foreign (and I use foreign not in the sense of foreigners to a country, but to specify difference), rules the world today, and has since the beginning of time. So how can I believe mankind was not meant for such cruelty, that somewhere inside of each of us is the desire to be kind? Am I clinging to a fantasy?

I don’t know how to explain it. Better minds than mine have wrestled with this problem for years and found no solutions. I will just say I believe in kindness and I believe the world can reflect kindness. One person at a time standing up for kindness and compassion and extending a helping hand can bring change to the world. The truth is, more and more people are standing up for change, putting aside their fears.

Will we ever fully see this change? Not in my lifetime, I’m afraid, but I can hope better for my children.

One thought on “Question Of The Week 5-19-2021

  1. In light of your answer most of my own worries are trivial. They don’t impact anyone but myself. We really do have a lot to be thankful for if we put aside our internal complaints and take a global view. In America we still have it better than most other countries, one way or another. Interesting question!


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