Friday Fictioneers 7-2-2021

PHOTO PROMPT © Russell Gayer

“It’s a deathtrap.”

“No, think of it with a shiny new coat of paint.”

“Still a deathtrap.”

“No, it will be the perfect van for going cross country.”

“I’m not going anywhere in that.”

“Just wait, you’ll see.”

“I see a deathtrap.”

“Think of it with a whole new interior.”


“Think positive for a moment.”

“Still a deathtrap.”

Six months later, Cassy sat on the hood, watching the sun set over the Pacific Ocean after driving alone from Richmond, Virginia to California. She raised her glass, tapped it against the hood and said, “Here’s to a perfect friendship.”

15 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers 7-2-2021

  1. I thought for sure that this story was going to have a bad ending. A happy surprise that it didn’t. I could use some happy this week. Thanks!


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