Question Of The Week 7-14-2021

What book series was your favorite as a child?

My favorite book series as a child was The Three Investigators. There was something about three young boys starting their own Detective Agency with a hidden headquarters and secret entrances that thrilled me. I loved mystery series in general, such as Trixie Belden and Nancy Drew, but nothing compared to The Three Investigators. Mostly because of the hidden headquarters and secret entrance. Plus secret codes and messages and all the trouble three young boys get into while trying to solve a veritable cornucopia of spooky mysteries.

The first mystery is The Secret of Terror Castle. The Three Investigators – Jupiter, Peter and Bob – set out to find a real haunted house for the director, Alfred Hitchcock, to use in his next film. Thus ensues spooky sounds, a Blue Blob which plays the organ and a gang of ruffians who almost stop the Investigators in their tracks.

If you love children’s books and you haven’t read this series, you should give it a try.

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