Friday Fictioneers 10-1-2021

PHOTO PROMPT © Dale Rogerson

The swell entering the church began to die down and yet I still hung on the edges. I didn’t need to sit down to feel the watershed of disbelief which overwhelmed me even now, months after she passed. We were going to grow old together, sitting on a beach somewhere or maybe in the mountains. Reading and writing. Playing.

Maybe she is waiting for me now.

19 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers 10-1-2021

  1. Heart wrenching. Beautiful. all in one! Great take on the shock of grief. I think we are all feeling that as Covid continues to rage… now through our babies – our hope for the future- … and yet, people still refuse the vaccine and/or a simple mask. It baffles the mind as I bury yet another family lost this way…. sigh….


  2. ‘Disbelief’. Good use of ambiguity; is it disbelief that she has passed or loss of faith? We don’t need to know, and the different possibilities make for a richer story. Likewise, ‘Maybe she is waiting for me now.’ This could be hopeful or despairing, a prelude to thoughts of suicide. Again, it makes the story so much stronger. Great technique for flash fiction!


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