Response – JSW Prompt 11-7-2022

The JSW Challenge is open to anybody who wishes to participate. Using the writing prompt, write a flash fiction no longer than 300 words and post it to your page. The Challenge starts on Monday and runs through Sunday each week. Please remember to link your story back to this post so everyone can read your entry.

“I don’t think this is a good idea.”

“It’s the only chance we’ve got.”

With that, I grabbed his hand and we jumped into the darkness.


We didn’t fall far, hitting the ground and rolling down the hillside like children, bumping and tumbling over the rocky ground. We both came to a stop about half-way down, lying sprawled out across the prickly grasses.

“That hurt.”

“Don’t be a baby.” Sitting up, I looked around in the darkness before shifting to my knees.

“Do you think they will find us?”

“Not if we run,” I replied, rising to my feet and pulling him up. “Come on, we don’t have time to lay around.”

He rose with a groan, rubbing various parts of his body as he did so. “Can’t we just walk for a time?”

“No,” I said and grabbed his hand, pulling him to a run.

We ran until we could run no further. He collapsed beside me as I stood, regaining my breath.

“Is it much further?”

“Just a little ways.”

“How much is a little ways?”

“Not far,” I shot back, “Let’s go.” I pulled him up again and we walked on through the night.

It was morning before they found us, surrounding us with their massive horses, weapons drawn, breath frosting the air around us.

Silent except for the jangle of harness and the stomping of hooves. One of the men pulled Adrian up before him.

“Let me go,” Adrian cried, struggling in vain. No one answered him, just dropping him behind the saddle.

Another man pulled me up before him, settling me roughly before the saddle. I jerked my arm away, clamping my fingers in the horses’ thick mane. There was no use in speaking; the King’s Guards were mute.

And here the characters stopped talking so I’ll leave you with these little snippets and move on to the next one tomorrow.

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