Response – JSW Prompt 3-13-2023

The JSW Challenge is open to anybody who wishes to participate. Using the writing prompt, write a flash fiction no longer than 300 words and post it to your page. The Challenge starts on Monday and runs through Sunday each week. Please remember to link your story back to this post so everyone can read your entry.

Good advise if you can take it. Most people would take it and keep on wishing. It’s hard to start doing instead of wishing. I know. I’ve been there.

Spend a whole lot of my life wishing. For the bigger house, the fancier car, the improved phone. Anything I felt would make my life better. Make me happier, but it doesn’t work like that. I learned that the hard way.

Instead of that bigger house and fancier car, I got a divorce and a one-bedroom apartment in a part of town I wouldn’t wish on my worse enemies. Not that I have any worse enemies, at least not now. Except my Ex and enough said there.

I won’t lecture you on wishing and doing. It’s something you have to work out on your own much as I wish somebody had told me about the differences early on.

I working it now. Trying to do instead of wish. Trying to find the way to make my dreams come true. Cause I have dreams, yes, sir I do. And dreams I hope to make my reality. It ain’t easy, but then good things never are.

So, are you doing or wishing?

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