Response – JSW 3-23-2023

The JSW Challenge is open to anybody who wishes to participate. Using the writing prompt, write a flash fiction no longer than 300 words and post it to your page. The Challenge starts on Monday and runs through Sunday each week. Please remember to link your story back to this post so everyone can read your entry.

Tim pulled the golf cart to a halt and got out, walking over to lean on the fence. The colts in the pasture were playing, galloping in circles chasing each other. Bogo, the collie, slid under the fence to join the game.

They had the makings of good racehorses, but nobody would know if they were great until they hit the track. And a great racehorse was what he wanted. Thirty years of raising Thoroughbreds and he’d never had that great one. Maybe this year. Maybe one of these colts. Maybe.

He’d long ago learned not to get trapped in wishful thinking. Raising these horses was his life’s work, great one or not.

Somethings you just did out of love.

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