Seeing Through the Mist

A fantasy writer and poet since childhood, CS Knotts has long been struggling to understand herself and her world. This, too, is the quest of most of her characters. Who I am? Why am I here? What is my value to this world?

A life-long horse lover, she has a collection of over 1000 model horses, collected since childhood.

Living with her son and four cats (yes, cats tend to multiply once you have one) and one dog, she is the author of two book of poetry and a novella with others in the works. She always has manuscripts stacked beside the bed, characters clambering to leap off the pages into life. Left behind but always in memory are three cats and a foot-long pleco, Big Guy.


48 thoughts on “Seeing Through the Mist

  1. I have always wanted to do a book of poetry. I have written poems and songs since I was a teen back in the 1950’s. I kept them all, handwritten. After I retired from the IRS, I self published a tax self help book but have been hesitant to begin to actively sell it due to all the sales tax and income tax ramifications on the internet. I plan on getting “Don’t Mess With The IRS” back on Amazon within the next few months. God bless.

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  2. Liked your blog. It’s cool. Love the daily quotes. I collect inspirational quotes myself, and am also a poet. I self-published a poetry book as well. It’s nice connecting with you. Check out my blog sometime. 🙂

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  4. It’s lovely to meet you, CS. Congratulations on the poetry book! I’ve always journaled and scribbled thoughts and feelings, for as long as I can remember. I, too, have tried to understand myself and the world around me. For a long time, I put down my pen. Even after if picked it up again, it was difficult to find my voice. I’m still on a journey of finding it, and I believe it may always evolve, but what I know now is that it begs to be heard, no matter what! The words must find a page.

    I look forward to reading more of you. Thank you for visiting me!


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    • Thank you. I, too, stopped writing for a long time when my kids were young and life was busy. Not that it’s not busy now, but a different kind of busy. You are right, the voice keeps evolving. Good luck and thanks for stop ping by to introduce yourself. Sorry it took me so long to respond. When I work 22 hours days and get home, I just don’t have the brain power;)

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  5. Hi! Hope your weekend has been lovely! Just wanted to say thanks for visiting my place, and for the follow! You mentioned above, the 1000 horse figurines? That is great! I collected a few, but my big collection, as such, was the list of 1000 horse names. I made up some of them, but others were of real racing horses. It was fun to do, and I still have the list! … and cats 🙂 we have only 2 now, but quite a few outside cats and kittens we feed every day. Love them all!

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    • You are most welcome! 1000ish, yes. Just sold a few but got more:) The curse of collentiong. a thousand names? Cool? I could use that to name all my unnamed models!! I love all my kitties, still miss those that are gone.

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      • Just saw your replyl! Look at how long ago it was! Sorry! I could sure suggest a few horse names for your models. 🙂 It seems it would be difficult to let go of some of them, but it seems to be an evolving habit, at least for me, this collecting thing. There’s always more! 🙂

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  6. Thanks for the like on my post! I appreciate it. I’m a horse addict and collect model horses too. I don’t have a thousand, but maybe a couple hundred. I used to have real horses as well. The models are a lot easier to keep though. 🙂

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