The challenge for Flash Fiction for the Purposeful Practitioner will open early Wednesday morning, May 24th. Allow the prompt to take you anywhere you want to go! (Limit your stories to 200 words.)

This challenge is open until 11:00 pm Friday night, June 2nd, 2017.

Flash Fiction for the Practical Practitioner



“It isn’t right,” he cried, frustration welling up in his words.

Tamereon grasped his arm, holding him back. “I know that and you know that, but saying that isn’t going to help anybody now.”

He looked at her and then away.  Deep breath. “It’s not right.”

“Agreed, but there is nothing you can do. Now.”

“They’re saying he was stupid, he shouldn’t have gone into the house, that he made a mistake.”

“He didn’t,” she said, voice softening.

“He went in because that was his job. To help people.”

“I know.” She didn’t dare show him how much it hurt.

“They shouldn’t have called it a mistake,” he said again, turning to walk away from the memorial. “They should have called him a hero.”




noun de·fen·es·tra·tion  dē-ˌfe-nə-ˈstrā-shən\
Popularity: Bottom 50% of words

  1.   a throwing of a person or thing out of a window assassination by defenestration

  2.   a usually swift dismissal or expulsion (as from a political party or office) the 

Self-defenestration (autodefenestration) is the act of jumping, propelling oneself, or causing oneself to fall, out of a window.


Thedefenestration, in fact, only precipitated a conflictthat was in any case inevitable.

Be that as it may, his defenestration was coldly abrupt, and in his place, the Football Association resurrected a veteran manager and former England star in Joe Mercer for seven games.
2005 September 4, The Sunday Times, London

Did You Know?

These days defenestration is often used to describe the forceful removal of someone from public office or from some other advantageous position. History’s most famous defenestration, however, was one in which the tossing out the window was quite literal. On May 23, 1618, two imperial regents were found guilty of violating certain guarantees of religious freedom. As punishment, they were thrown out the window of Prague Castle. The men survived the 50-foot tumble into the moat, but the incident, which became known as the Defenestration of Prague, marked the beginning of the Bohemian resistance to Hapsburg rule that eventually led to the Thirty Years’ War.


The word comes from the New Latin  de- (out of or away from) and fenestra (window or opening).




Friday Fictioneers 5-13-2017



PHOTO PROMPT © Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

He stood by the side of the road, shaking and shaken, trying to listen to the policeman’s questions.

“And when you….. blah blah blah….parked car…… blah blah blah……. Sir, are you listening?”

He snapped back for a moment, “Yes, yes, Officer.”

“Do you need to go to the hospital?”

“No, no Officer.”

The Policeman looked skeptical.  “One more time.  When you pulled into the lane, did you see the parked car before or after you hit it?”

He shook his head, confused.

“A simple question, sir. Before or after you hit the parked car?”

“But Officer, my car is the parked car!”