Quote For The Day 5-5-2021

“I am looking for friends. What does that mean — tame?”

“It is an act too often neglected,” said the fox. “It means to establish ties.”

“To establish ties?”

“Just that,” said the fox. “To me, you are still nothing more than a little boy who is just like a hundred thousand other little boys. And I have no need of you. And you, on your part, have no need of me. To you I am nothing more than a fox like a hundred thousand other foxes. But if you tame me, then we shall need each other. To me, you will be unique in all the world. To you, I shall be unique in all the world….”
― Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, The Little Prince

Learning To Fly 4-22-2021

And days go on. Days counting down slowly and cruelly since I lost one of my best friends. Cindy Bergin, I miss you with every inch and fiber of my being. When I had forgotten how to swim, you taught me how to float, then how to swim again, and then you taught me how to fly.

And how do I go on? Without you, I would have never learned to stand on my own, to walk away when the moments called for it. You taught me self-sufficiency and hope for the future.

Cindy, you were one of the most self-aware and self-sufficient person I have ever know. You lived life to its fullest. How do I go on?

It is hard to put into words what you meant to me and what I know you meant to all your other friends and family. You were a light in the darkness. You were a fierce friend, willing to drop everything in an instant to support your friends.

I enjoyed writing with you. You were wild and free and happy to go to the extremes of the universe. Our ships will never fly again without you. How do I go on?

I remember the first time I met you in person. It was at Breyerfest. I hadn’t even known you collected Breyer horses and then you were coming down to Kentucky. We passed each other by at first, neither of us recognizing the other for a moment. And then you were there and my life began to change for the better.

After that, I looked forward to Breyerfest not only because it was a celebration of the model horses I had collected since childhood, but because you were there. Going home from Breyerfest was like a loss, but there was always next year. Now there are no more next years.

Nine hours is too far to separate friends, but, at the same time, those nine hours meant nothing. We saw each other once a year and yet, no matter how long between times we talked, every time was like we had spent no time apart. How do I go on?

You made me laugh at the world and at myself, but, even more important, you showed me the power of love. You never ended a phone call without saying “I love you.” And I suspect, you ended every call with every friend and family member with those exact same words. How do I go on?

I know, one day, the pain of your loss will fade. It will never go away completely, but it will fade. I will learn how to celebrate your life and live with the emptiness you left in mine. But right now all I have is tears for the loss I will feel for the rest of my life.

Cindy, you were, and still are, a friend of a lifetime. I will never know another person like you. How do I go on?

More importantly, how do we all go on without you?

Question of the Week 4-21-21

What words or phrase do you need to hear today?

“Everything is going to be all right.”

That’s what I need to hear today. Two weeks ago, I lost one of my best friends. My whole world changed and I need to know that, in the end, things will be okay. My world will keep turning and the empty space in my life will not always be so large and….. empty. I can’t even write about it, the pain is so fresh. So, today, I just need to know it will be all right in the end.

“I Am Brave” 30 Day Challenge Day 8: 6-21-2017

I am Capable!


Water someone else’s seed of intention:

  1. Bring a friend to mind who you know is capable and gifted in a certain way.
  2. Send them some words of encouragement letting them know you see that in them.


Who made you feel good this week? What did they say?

I have one friend who always pushes me to be my best. No hiding behind myself or pretending. She kicked me through the fear of a divorce. She keeps me from lying to myself.

But, I am lying to myself again. She used to. Some of the saddest words in the world. She used to.

I know I was decompressing all last year; maybe, she was, too. We both had a hard year. We’ve both lost ourselves. I want to find myself, and my friend, again. I don’t want this wall between us, these misunderstandings and blow-ups.

I texted her this morning, telling her I value her as a friend. I am proud to call her a friend. Later on, I will call her. Just to say hi.

I’d forgotten how it feels to make another person feel valued and loved and useful just for being themselves. Here’s to remembering and to letting all my friends know how much I value their friendship.

To those of you with whom I’ve become friends on WordPress, thank you for your friendship. Thank you for your comments on my work, good or bad, and for just stopping by to say hi. I know I haven’t been keeping up my end of the friendship lately (a long lately), but I will change that. Hint – the 35 pages of blog posts I need to read, like and comment on (well maybe not comment on them all:).

So, if I haven’t been by your page in a long while, I am coming. It’s good to have friends. It’s good to have connection. It’s good simply to be alive

Sunday Photo Fiction – February 5th 2017 – “Among Friends”


Each week a photo is used, donated by one of the participants of Sunday Photo Fiction, and the idea is to write a story with the photo as a prompt in around 200 words.



© J Hardy Carroll

Sunday Photo Fiction 

Among Friends

“Holy MOG,” Jay exclaimed, looking at the tangle of dusty bottles crowding the shelf.

“You did mention redecorating,” Chris grinned.

“My wife would kill me. You decorate with it.”

“Doesn’t fit my decor.”

“And it fits mine?”.

Dante wandered over.

“Jay is thinking about redecorating.”

“I am not. Asshole.”

Dante said something in Italian, probably not complementary. He was their trumpeter, trombonist, jack-of-all-brass-instruments guy. Except for Jay’s sax.

“I was about to say,” Chris continued, “with his herd of kids, they wouldn’t be breaking anything valuable.”

“Dante has as many kids as I do!”

“You guys tire me out.” This from Dante. “Besides, seven kids isn’t a herd.”

“That Chinese bottle would look good in your kitchen, Dante,” Chris returned. “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Whiskey?”

Dante had recently stopped drinking. They all had at one time or another, but he’d had the hardest time.

Dante snorted. “How’d you like a fricking ‘Closed’ sign on your door next time a herd of sex-starved women buffalo over.”

“Buffalos?” Both Chris and Jay asked.


Throwing his arms about their shoulders, Chris laughed, “All this fucking crap makes me hungry. Let’s eat.”



The challenge for Flash Fiction for the Purposeful Practitioner will open early Thursday morning, January 5th. Allow the prompt to take you anywhere you want to go! (Limit your stories to 200 words.)

This challenge is open until 11:00 pm Wednesday night, January 11th, 2017.


The Lancia hugged the curves, Chris at the wheel, Jay white-knuckled in the seat beside him.

“You’re going a bit fast,” Jay remarked, trying to sound normal.

Chris glanced down. “A hundred?”

“That’s thirty-five over the speed limit.”

Chris snorted. “Live a little.”

“It’s not the living I’m worried about, it’s the dying.” His glance slid to the guard rail and then back; thought he saw Chris smile. At least, he was smiling.

“You’ve had accidents before, remember.”

“I was going faster.”

Jay wasn’t sure if the depressive or manic phases scared him the most. Probably both in different ways. Time to change the subject.

“You ready for tomorrow?”

Tomorrow the entire band would return to the studio to prepare for the second leg of the tour.

Chris shrugged a shoulder. “Am I ready to be an asshole?”

“What? You? This kinder, gentler, you?”

Chris glanced over.

This time it was Jay who laughed. “You’re an asshole all the time, Mr. Crenshaw.”

The car started to slow

“Thanks,” they both said, at the same time.