The Pony Hunt

One of the main reasons people travel to Chincoteague is for a glimpse of the wild ponies. Our search started no different.  We drove to the Natural Refuge, paid our fee, and entered into Pony Land.  But where were the ponies?

They hide, you see, in the marshes and woods, sometimes allowing searchers a glimpse and other times, not.

We drove. No ponies anywhere.  So we got out to hike one of the trails, hoping against hope to see a wild pony or two.

We peered through grasses.


Scanned the marshes.

20160221_101105No ponies, but pony lovers never give up.

All of a sudden – a clue!

20160221_101314Where there are hoof tracks there must be ponies!

Another clue –

20160221_101021Where there is manure there has to be a pony!

Finally we reached the end of the trail!


A pony!