Friday Fictioneer’s 7-26-2017

The Phone Call

He stood in the large tiled room, nervously watching the phone on the wall as if it might attack. Would it ring? Would it not?

His fingers twisted nervously before him, knuckles white. Ring, damn it!

Oh god, please don’t ring! Please!

Jumped at the sound of footsteps outside. They faded away.

Ring! Please!

The phone hung silent, cruelly refusing his pleas.

Ring, damn it! Ring!

His hands covered his eyes, willing the phone to obey. Willing it silent.

What if it rang? What if it didn’t?

He sat terrified, knuckles white as snow.




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It was impossible to see far into the cave, but that didn’t matter.  What was he here for if not to explore, take risks, feel life flashing through his veins?

“You sure you want to do this?” Cricket asked.

He glanced over at her, face rimmed with the fur of her hood. So beautiful.

“Yes.” This was all he had left. This and Cricket, but he wouldn’t have either long. He didn’t want her to watch. It wasn’t fair. It wasn’t right. And he damn well just didn’t want to put her through the trial.

“You will be careful?”

“Of course.”

“And come back?”

There was the rub. Coming back.

“Love you, Cricket,” he said, kissing her cold lips. “Always.”

She smiled. He didn’t want her to suffer. She didn’t want him to go, yet she wanted to respect his wishes in death as she had in life.

“Love you,” she replied, eyes meeting his for a moment before looking away. Listened to the swish of the oars, the crunch of snow and ice. Water like wind to wash away tears.

When she looked back, he was gone.




JSW Writing Response 6-5-2017

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“Really? Way back?”

He smirked.

“Like… you were born on the same day, time, space, and such brings such a deep connection…. Or, what? Maybe you met in Kindergarten and became fast friends for life?”

“No need to be snide.”

“I’d say there is definitely a need to be snide.”

He shrugged. “Suit yourself. Stay behind or come with, your choice.”

“But wait!  It’s a demon!”

“So? He’s a normal guy like all the others. Wants a house, family, two and a half children. Decent meal on the table.”

“Yeah, it’s the meal I’m worried about.”

Laughing, he headed down the hall. “You’re far too stringy and tough to have any worries. Trust me.”

At the door at the end of the hall, he knocked.  “Got to be polite.”


The door cracked open. An eye peeked out. The door opened to show a small, wrinkled demon, barely four feet tall.

“Come in, come in.” He warbled and wheezed, motioning with one claw. “I’ve just built a gingerbread house. Would you like a nibble?”