Christmas Time is Here! 12-24-2017


Day Four of Christmas Horse Pictures!

Let’s pretend WordPress hasn’t been hiding my drafts from me and this is actually Christmas Eve.  For me, at least.

I found the holiday spirit today. Down went the still-piled fall decorations and up came the Christmas. Up came the tree upon direct command. My youngest then had to be told to put it together. He’s 22, remember.

But he did and I decorated it and we had our tree.  It was actually kind of nice. My daughter wasn’t there to put her ornaments on the tree and my son didn’t want to bother, so I pulled out the Breyer ornaments I’ve been collecting for years but which have never gone on a tree. I didn’t put them all up, just in case, since half of them are china/resin and we have four cats and, now, a dog. Plus some random horse ornaments and a snowman or two.

2017-12-26 08.14.05.jpg

I decorated the mantle and the little white tree my oldest brought up? I put it on a side table and decorated it as a bird tree.



So, is Christmas here?

Today, it feels like a yes!



(Image from Pinterest)