JSW Prompt Response 10-20-2017 for JSW Prompt 10-16-2017

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photo by csk


The highway seemed to go on forever, straight white lines boundaries of my world. I glanced over at the elephant and the horse. Me. The car. Two stuffed animals. All that was left.

She’d loved that damned elephant. Had cried when I’d given it to her.

Embarrassing, but a guy learns to handle those things.

How was I going to handle things now?

She’d been so pretty.  Ful of light and fun and laughter. My angel. Light of my life.

She’d been all that was left.

Behind me, distant but growing, I heard the sounds of the sirens. If I’d had the courage, I would have put the gun into my mouth and pulled the trigger.

When the cops surrounded me, I pulled to the shoulder. I couldn’t run anymore. I didn’t care anymore.

As they cuffed me, I looked back at my car. At that damned elephant.

This is what you’ve done, it seemed to say.

A State Trooper shoved me into the car, leaned in behind me. “I’m arresting you for the murder of your daughter.”

It was an accident, I wanted to say, but didn’t.

I never said it.

Dreamed of pink elephants ever night in prison.


FFfAW Challenge 7-1-2017

She walked out of the hospital as dark mapped a rainbow-colored sky. Exhausted after a double shift. She thought about napping in the car before driving home, but knew she wouldn’t. She didn’t need the questions which would be asked.
Yawning, she slid into the driver’s seat, closing her eyes for a moment. Would he be home tonight?
Or was he out drinking…. other things.
The marriage was over. She knew that, but pretended she didn’t. She still loved him. Her first boyfriend. First love. First lover. Only husband.
There was a light on in the living room. When she stepped inside, he was standing in the hallway.
“I thought,” she said.
“I know.”
He looked down, back up at her. “Is it possible?”
“Possible? What?”
“Yes,” she said softly. “Yes.”

JSW 4-24-2017- Response 5-10-2017

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I am too sober for this.

I am too sober for anything.

I am too sober to live.

I am too sober to die.

I am.


I dislike disclaimers, but I feel I need one for this post.  I tried and tried and tried to write my normal story for this prompt but, the above is all that would come and will come. A character somewhere is in deep pain. I hope he/she will eventually come to tell her/his story.






PHOTO PROMPT © Rochelle Wisoff-Fields


I can only know you, he said, if I’m inside
And so he crawled in,
My legs spread like a sprawling giraffe.
I am in you.
I am in you.
Like clouds on the sun,
Shadows pretending rain.
When he found nothing
He crawled out,
Walked away without
A word of

Friday Fictioneers – 18 NOVEMBER 2016


PHOTO PROMPT © Björn Rudberg

The instruments lay silent, truths quivering and fading, an unbearable loss. Angels spoke through his music they said and it was true. The collected strings and chords and notes made up his veins and blood and skin. He, a cavatina, and now allentando.

Any day they said, indelible sounds slipping away into the night. Deft fingers caressed smooth wood, music inside waiting to be freed. Others, he knew, would come to free it. Music was as it always had been.

Who would set him free?