Friday Fictioneers 5-25-2017

sunrise-ff-bannerPHOTO PROMPT © J Hardy Carroll

They stood in the doorway, looking at the ruins of the classroom. Just yesterday it had been filled with the shriek and laughter of a dozen children.

“Damn arsonist!”

“For sure?”

“Pretty. Have to wait for the site to cool.”

The Detective scowled. “Least it happened at night. “

The Arson Investigator nodded.

Their eyes met. It was decided.

Tomorrow they would start collecting supplies for the new classroom.

Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers 1-26-2017

Week of 01-24 through 01-30-2017

This week’s photo prompt is provided by Singledust.

I should have known things would end at a Chinese place. Don’t they always? Regardless, here I was and, having come this far, I decided I might as well go on inside.

The store was dim, filled with whatever smells usually make up those places. Cinnamon? Nutmeg? Myrrh? They didn’t sound right, but what do I know?

The minute I stepped in, the proprietor knew who I was and why I was there. Must have been the hat.

“I’ve been waiting.”

Least he didn’t pretend he only spoke Chinese.

“Give back the jewel and I’ll walk out without calling the police.”

He looked at me. I could see the thinking going round in his head.

“No, you will not call the police.”

We both pulled guns at the same time, me from the small of my back, and he from under the counter. For a moment, we both watched the thinking in the others eyes.

“Shall we dance?” I asked. The longer I kept him off-balance, the greater chance I had of leaving with the jewel and no holes in my body.

And that, in my book, was a damned good day.