What exactly is Resistentialism? I’d never heard the word until it popped up on a Word-of-the-Day blog.

Short and sweet, it means:

“The tenet that inanimate objects have an intrinsic tendency to resist us, thwarting our objectives.
– Demitri Borgmann

Or “inanimate items hate humans.”

For the first time, my poo-pooed suspicion had to be right. I have been, and are, embroiled in a hopeless battle to prove my point. Ten watches, each one working exactly a year before dying.  Car breaking down for no reason. A TV remote which will not let me see my station. Toasters that refuse to toast. And on and on….

It’s either that or Brownies are sneaking in at night to break anything they know will frustrate me.

Damn Brownies.

I think , however, I am going to stick with the Brownie theory. It doesn’t frustrate me quite as much.  And how cool would it be to  have their magic in my life.

Now, if I could just find my keys…….


Friday Fictioneers 5-27-2016



Barriers are funny things. They stand between us and  our desires, but often we don’t see them, don’t recognize them for the walls they are. I used to let barriers hold me back, fence me in, close my world into the tiny speck they wanted me to be, but no longer. Standing on the rocks, staring out to sea, I saw those very rocks for what they were, knew all I needed to do was step carefully down and be free. But how hard the first step?

Like crossing a rainbow without knowing where to begin, where sun-dappled light kisses the ground. Rainbows are tangent things and just as hard broken.

Stepping onto the shimmering road, I walked away.