Word Of The Day 5-27-2017


no·yade \(ˈ)nwä¦yäd, (ˈ)nwī¦äd\
Popularity: Bottom 10% of words


an execution by drowning :  a mass drowning


  • ‘Perhaps 1,800 perished altogether in the noyades, and their bodies were washed up on the tidal banks of the Loire for weeks afterwards.’
  • ‘Although absent from the novel’s descriptive chain of images, the noyade makes itself known to the reader by scattered traces throughout the text.’

Did You Know?

The Drownings at Nantes (French: Noyades de Nantes) were a series of mass executions by drowning during the Reign of Terror in Nantes, France, that occurred between November 1793 and February 1794. During this period, anyone arrested and jailed for not consistently supporting the Revolution, or suspected of being a royalist sympathizer, especially Catholic priests and nuns, was cast into the Loire and drowned on the orders of Jean-Baptiste Carrier, the representative-on-mission in Nantes. Before the murders ceased, as many as four thousand or more people, including innocent families with women and children, died in what Carrier himself called “the national bathtub”.[1]


French, from noyer to drown, from Late Latin necare, from Latin, to kill, from nec-, nex violent death



Friday Fictioneers 3-16-2016



PHOTO PROMPT © Rochelle Wisoff-Fields


She stood on the opposite bank, hair tangling her face, stark against the abandoned buildings surrounding her. I couldn’t see her face, but I knew. I wanted to scream the strength of the current, gentle rapids roaring into whitewater beyond the river’s bend. It hurt crashing against rocks, the ups and downs, ins and outs, ups as downs and downs as ups. Hurt until the drowning, the letting go of any claim of control. She’d wouldn’t have been perched there if she had control.

I wanted to but I couldn’t.  The water had taken away my voice, too.