Word Of The Day 4-16/17-2017

honeyfuggle (honeyfogle; honeyfugle)

hon·ey·fug·gle \ˈhənēˌfəgəl\
Popularity: Bottom 30% of words
(third-person singular simple present honeyfugles, present participle honeyfugling, simple past and past participle honeyfugled)


To hoodwink, entice by flattery

To swindle, dupe, cheat or trick

To flatter or cajole; esp. to flatter or cajole one’s sweetheart or an attractive woman so as to gain sexual favor or make her forget anger or displeasure.

To show affection in public.


perhaps from honey + English dialect fugel to cheat, trick

First Known Use: 1829


“Don’t try to honeyfuggle me, Wolf McCloud. I’m not pretty, and we both know it.”
Jane Bonander; Wild Heart; Pocket Books; 1995.

His habit of ‘log-rolling,’ or, as the extreme Westerners call it, ‘honey-fugling’ for votes and support, had so grown upon him, that his sincere friends feared lest he would sink too low, and in the end defeat himself.

The modern practices in politics of . . temporizing with cranks, demagogues and tricksters instead of sending them to the rear; and of honey-fuggling with rascals instead of hitting them a death-blow between the eyes. –1887 Courier–Jrl. (Louisville KY) 7 May 4/4

Honeyfogling with a horse-thief, eh? –1898 Harte Stories in Light

Did You Know?

Among its last public appearances was one in the Syracuse Herald in 1934, in which President Roosevelt was described as “the prize honeyfugler of his time”. One of the reasons why it dropped out of common usage may have been that a sense grew up of sexual activity with young women (with fuggle being a modification of fuck), as a semi-euphemistic version of another, unambiguous, term.