Friday Fictioneers 10-15-2017

PHOTO POMPT © Douglas M. MacIlroy

“He’s a squawker, ain’t he,” Bill asked over the baby’s frantic cries.

“You’re holding him too tight.”

“Shut up.”

“You’re going to hurt him.”

“I ain’t gonna hurt him. What’d you care anyway. It’s just a stinky bird.”

“It’s not……  it’s….” She didn’t know, but it had wings. One day it could fly away, be free.

“Dumb bitch.” He squeezed his fist around the baby bird then tossed it aside.  Onto the concrete. Walked inside.

She fell to her knees beside the tiny body, crying for broken wings.


Friday Fictioneers 10-3-2017

He watched the island falling behind, harvest moon rising over the land like an omen.

“I will never come back here,” he said aloud, repeating the words in his mind. Never come back.

That didn’t mean he wouldn’t do his duty. He would. Bravely and proudly, he would serve his country.

But, his eyes remained fixed on the island growing smaller in their wake, smudged to nothing by falling dark.

Soon it was gone.

He turned away, letting go of what he had lost forever.


His mother held the flag from his coffin like she once held her son.

He was home.


Friday Fictioneers 9-22-2017

PHOTO PROMPT © Sarah Potter

He never moved her shoes; left them by the bed, half-tied. Tied all the way up, they hurt her feet. He’d laughed at her, but he’d loved her anyway.

They were old shoes, scuffed, holes in the sides. Life-worn shoes. Spider’s spinning silken threads, holding memories inside.

He looked at her shoes every morning and night. Thought of them as he ate. Showered. Pizza on Friday nights. As the world moved on.

It wouldn’t be wrong to say he loved those shoes; they were all he had left. Forty years. Another twenty, maybe, and his shoes would stand beside hers.

Two sparks forgotten in the night.


Friday Fictioneers 9-16-2017

PHOTO PROMPT © Kelvin M. Knight

She wiped away tears, caught in the echo of the slamming door. When had she lost him? Had she failed him in some very basic way she could never have imagined?

How she hated the sound of their silence. The emptiness behind closed doors.

Heading to the kitchen, she stopped dead in the doorway.  Amid the litter of breakfast, lay a slice of bread, heart cut out of the middle.

Tears sprang back to her eyes, his feelings clearer than any words ever spoken.


Friday Fictioneers 9-9-12017

PHOTO PROMPT © Danny Bowman


“The road goes ever on and on,” he quoted, land hot and still around him.

He was music. Music was him. But the rest was all just a tangle in his head. Rivers of pain, octopus arms strangling him with memories he’d never remember.

He’d come to the point where either he or the world needed to disappear.

History called it a walkabout.  He prayed it would be his salvation. The scars on his wrists prayed, too, for salvation.

A thousand empty miles before him. A million broken moments behind.

He took a step and started walking.












Friday Fictioneers 8-18-2017

If she hadn’t been able to see past the door, she might have imagined there another world in there. A deep forest or an endless horizon of sand. Might have imagined a dark knight on a white horse, a cackling witch or a castle looming in the distance.

She could, however, see beyond to the shower curtain and her purple poof. Just her boring bathroom. Her boring life.

A thump sounded in the bathroom.

She stilled.



No reply.

Took two steps.



Two more steps.

A peek inside.


The scent of wet leaves…….


Friday Fictioneers 8-12-2017


He balanced on the flat rock, looking into the uppermost round hole.

“What?” Becky asked, pulling on the tattered hem of his shirt. “What?” Anxious. Excited.


“What! Let me see!” She pulled his shirt again.

“They’re wearing pink tutus.”

“I don’t believe you.” Hands on hips.

He stepped down.  “Look for yourself.”

Becky scrambled up onto the rock, standing on tip-toes to peer into the hole.

“I don’t see anything,” she complained.

“Look closer.”

She squinted her eyes. Squealed. “I see them!  I see them!”

“What?” He pushed up beside her. “Where!”

Laughing, she jumped down and ran away.