Friday Fictioneers 12-25-2020

PHOTO PROMPT © Trish Nankivell


This was a fine fettle. Like “Croatoan” if one wanted to think of it that way. He didn’t really, but he could tell the road to the ranch hadn’t been used in years. Had she left this message here for him?

She’d said she’d wait, but that obviously went out the window once he was locked up. His cellmates had warned him, but he had stupidly believed her.

Tossing his cigarette away into the dust, he turned and started hiking back towards the main road. One day he would find her. One day.

Words – 99

“Croatoan” – One of the only clues left to the disappearance of the Roanoke Colony in 1590.

Gone, Parts 1-4 9-28-2017

I had forgotten I was in the middle of this series. I started with the Daily Post’s One Word prompts, then ran out of time to continue. Part V does not have a One Word Prompt, but I might go back to using the Prompts for the rest.

Below are the links to Parts I-IV and I will be posting Part V shortly.

Gone, Part 1

Gone, Part II

Gone, Part III

Gone, Part IV


If you like this kind of continuing story, you can search “The Midnight Hour” on my site for another.