Question For The Day 4-7-2021

Is it possible to live a normal life and never tell a lie?

Not even a little white lie. Why would you want to do this, you ask. Well, think of how much better the world would be if there were no lies.

“Why did you attack my country?”

“I had a bit of bad beef.”

“Why don’t you like me?”

“You are a bit too outgoing for me.”

Think of it. No lies forever. For anything. For anybody. They say the truth hurts, but in the end it hurts less than the lie.

The real reason I’m asking this is because I have been trying over the last years of my life to live a lie-less life. And, I have to admit, it is hard. I think as human being we are programed to lie because we don’t want others to see what we consider the dark, the bad, the weak, inside each of us.

After all, what do little white lies hurt?

“A lovely dress.”

“I love your hair.”

“You did fantastic up there.”

All white lies under the assumption the dress is not lovely, the hair is horrible and the person bombed in front off whatever audience was present. But are they bad, these lies? They spare the other person’s feeling, but at what expense? Would we be better to tell the honest truth each and every time?

I find the white lies coming to my tongue even when I know they are white lies, when I know they are wrong, and when I know the truth would be a better option. It is so much easier to just blur out the white lie and move on. No hurt feeling. No tears. No explaining.

But is it right?

The big lies are something else and I have a much easier time avoiding them. When I make a big blunder, I own up to it and move on, no matter how dark and bad and weak it makes me feel. I can stomach the big stuff, but the little stuff is still too hard. We all want to be liked and accepted. Would we be liked if we always told the truth? In today’s world, I think not.

Sadly, it is true. We don’t want people who tell us the honest truth. We want the white lies and the mis-truths, the lies of omission. Who wants to be told their dress is horrible or their hair is a wreak or they bombed.

I don’t. Do you?

So then how do we handle the little white lies? Because in the end, they do hurt us. Eventually we find out the truth and it hurts. Truth or not, we don’t always want the truth. It is more comfortable, in the moment, to live with the white lie.

But, what would it be like? To live in a lie-less world. Would we hate each other more or less? Would we fight more or less? Would we kill each other at the alarming rate of the modern world?

We will never know the answers to these questions until, if, we banish all the lies. It is a beautiful dream. Do you think it is possible?

Retro Tuesday – Anger is Just Sad’s Bodyguard 3-30-2021


Anger is just sad’s bodyguard.

When I first read the quote above, I had no clue what it meant. I couldn’t form the words into any semblance of understanding. Then it hit me and I understood with every fiber of my being.  Like a bodyguard protecting a client, we hide our sadness behind anger.   Anger is our shield to protect us from exposing our emotions to the world.

So much of the world lives on the edge between sadness and happiness.  The cars and houses and huge TV’s don’t bring the happiness expected.  Instead, sadness settles deep inside, a loss we might not even understand.  Because we won’t – or aren’t able – to admit the sadness at the center of our supposed ‘search for happiness,’ we pretend the sadness isn’t there.  We get angry at the people, events, politicians, (add your own favorites) we ‘think’ are keeping us from the happiness we deserve.

The truth is, we aren’t entitled to ‘happiness’ just because we exist. Every one of us is responsible for tearing down our own shield of anger and confronting the reality of life. Is all the anger in the world just hiding sadness over lives failing to fulfilled our own expected potential?

I lash out when I’m sad, trying to avoid some issue in my life.  I don’t like feeling out-of-control. The funny thing is, I know I’m hiding but I can’t help myself.  It’s easier to blame the world than to admit to the sadness settled inside me. It takes me a few hours, or days, to talk myself around to admitting the sadness hiding behind my armor.

If I am sad over a bill, with no clue where to find the money to pay,  I get angry. If only I had a better paying job; didn’t have to support my (adult) kids; if my mortgage company hadn’t screwed over some perceived slight.  You get the picture.

We all struggle with these feeling ever day. It’s the ostrich head in the sand syndrome.  If I don’t acknowledge the problem, it just might go away. I might win the lottery (if I played) or I might find a fortune in my attic (fat chance). Or I might just wind my way around to acknowledging my anger and deal with the problem head-on.  It doesn’t matter if I come up with an acceptable solution – such as where to get the money – I’ve confronted the issue.  That alone given me the peace needed to calmly and logically deal with the problem.

What if we could strip away the anger of the world, banish every shred guarding the sadness of an entire planet? What would be left for every man, woman and child?  Sadness. And then what if we acknowledged the sadness, every one of us on the entire planet. What if nobody felt out-of-control?

What would our planet look like then?

Friday Fictioneers 1-3-2021


“How’d you like to have an office there?”

“In the clouds?”

“At the top of the building.”

“The human equivalent of clouds.”

“They can’t help it. They’re human. They’ve forgotten how to be in the clouds.”

“Forgot or too afraid.”

“That too.”

“I wonder what the clouds look like from in there.”

“Not as pretty as out here.”

“I’m sad for them. Think of all they are missing.”

“They’ll learn one day.”

“Hopefully, while alive.”

“If not, that’s where we come in.”

They sat in silent contemplation.

It must be wonderful to learn how to fly.

The World In Geometric Shapes 10-8-2017

There is something about life which makes me wonder. Which, I know sounds very basic. But is it? Life is a circle. There is the cycle of birth and death, child to old man/woman whatever your case may be. The circle of day to night. Winter to fall. The rise of Rome to its fall. Each day is a circle, dawn to dawn. The cycle of a week. A month. A year. The Big Bang to… whatever the ending may be.

So what does it all mean? I know the ‘life is a circle’ idea. Learn from your mistakes or you are doomed to make them again. But isn’t there more?

Is there a life triangle? A life octagon? How about a life parallelogram?

Stick with me, it gets easier.  I hope.

I’m sure I could find, or make up, examples of the shapes mentioned above. The human brain is mystic and wise and completely able to lie to itself at all times.

Do we let our brain lie to us? Of course we do. We want to believe what we want to believe, true or false.  And why do we want to believe? Because our brain demands we are the center of our own universe and anything that speaks otherwise is perceived as the lier.

I hate to say it, but all politicians I’ve seen definitely believe they are the center of their own universes. No names, but I am sure many of you can think of a multitude of your own examples.

I know I have gone from circles to the center of our universe all in a handful of paragraphs, but I have complete confidence that somehow I will bring them all together in the end. And if I don’t, you will never know, because you will never see this post.

Take the image of an heptagon (seven sides). Now draw a circle around the inside and put the politician, or whomever, inside the circle. Now there is a politician in his own universe, gathering his own power and glory. But what of the points outside the circle? Who are they?

Remember the line above about letting our brains lie to us? If you answered ‘us’ to the question, you are correct. The mistakes we make, those we leave out – the outer points of the heptagon – are forgotten.

So maybe the image of a circle is the best fit for our world. A circle is smooth, no points left out. In the roundness of a circle, we remember the mistakes of our past, the fact of birth to death, day to night, night to day. The great thing about the circle is that we are all equidistant from those across from us. It doesn’t take a miracle for me, on my point on the circle, to reach across to you on your point. Maybe you are a friend who needs comfort or a child who needs food. I am equally able to reach out of my own universe to touch yours.

I know somewhere you have seen the image of people, hand-in-hand, circling the globe. Perhaps the best circle, the perfect circle, of them all.

Imagine it.  A circle of every human on this planet, and those currently above it, holding hands in a circle. Would it span the circumference of the world? The Solar System? The Milky Way? How about the entire Universe?

And, even in that all-encompassing circle, we are still equidistant from those across from us. No one is left out.

We can still reach out a hand in comfort. Or happiness. Or love.

We can still reach across to comfort a grieving mother and we can still reach across to feed a hungry child.

Maybe Disney was right this time. The circle is the perfect shape for our world.