Sunday Photo Fiction 8-29-2017

13 Dawn Miller 27 August 2017

© Dawn Miller

 “Tea for three?” she asked, fluffing her skirts, giving him a shy smile.

He looked at the three teacups perched on the spindled legs from a table. “What type of tea shall we be having?”

“Earl Grey, of course.”

He watched her dance around, pretending to make tea and pour it into the cups. Done, she handed him a straw with which he pretended to sip at the pretend tea.

“Do you like it here?”

“Oh, yes,” she said. “There is tea and sometimes Mother gives me crumpets.”

“You like crumpets?”

“Oh yes, with butter and raspberry jam!”

“I love raspberry jam.”

She squealed. “I wish Mother had given me some today.”

“I’ll bring some next time I come to visit.”

“Will you come again?”

“Of course. Tea for three is my favorite time of day.”

She began searching for flowers. “I must put them on Mum’s grave this evening. She shall be ever so sorry if I forget.”

He watched for a moment before walking back into the house.

“What do you think, Doc?” Jamison asked.

He looked out the window, at the woman dancing in the field, flowers in her arms. “I think,” he said, “we should all wish to be as happy as her.”


“I Am Brave” 30 Day Challenge Day 6 6-9-2017

Today I am Prepared

Today’s Brave Act

Choose one metric to use that can measure the results of your 30-day goal.

Measuring progress will help me stay on track, reach my target dates, and experience the achievement that will propel me to bravely charge forth in the face of fear.


I have 24 days left in my 30-day goal to  take charge of my life and writing by living day-to-day instead of in the future or the past.

Which means within two weeks, I need to be able to stay focused and stable in my life and writing for a week.

Which means in a week, I need to continue to exercise every day as it helps stabilize me. When I am stable, I can live day-to-day both in life and my writing.

Which means in the next three days, I need to finish my writing prompts, exercise and work on one chapter from my manuscript.

To hit that 3-day goal, today I need to exercise, write, continue to clean and order my world (both physical and mental).