Response JSW Prompt 7-3-2017

He was sitting on the sidewalk of the McDonalds where my family and I were having supper. Ragged clothing, sunburned skin, matted hair; no one was paying attention other than to walk as far around him as possible while going in and out the door. A sign lay on the sidewalk next to him. A beggar who had not done well that day. I gave my oldest child a ten dollar bill and told her to go buy a meal. As our family left the restaurant I stopped and handed the hot meal to the man. The look of gratitude was apparent on his face but he said nothing as he timidly reached for the bag. When he did finally speak his speech was garbled. This man was deaf. I and my children had taken a few sign language classes and we tried in our limited way to converse with him. He was willing to work but no one ever offered. We had work to be done around our place and we offered. He worked hard and did more than we asked. A meal for the destitute can change lives and seal a bond. He just needed a happy meal.

Wonderful story and such a heartwarming message. CS Knotts