Sunday Photo Fiction – April 24, 2016

The idea of Sunday Photo Fiction is to create a story / poem or something using around about 200 words with the photo as a guide.

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“Really?” a tiny voice grumbled. “Stop breathing down my neck.”

A lower, louder growl.  “If I could, Marv, I would, don’t you think?”

“I’ve seen you move!”

“I’m an animatron. I move when they turn me on!”

A moment of silence passed between the two, little Marvin below and big Percy above.

“Me,” Percy whined.  “King of the Jungle.”

“Isn’t that King of the Dinosaurs?”

“What ever.” Exasperated. “Point is, I’m the King and they’ve reduced me to… this!” If he could have wrung his claws he would have.

“What about me?  Stuck under the jaws of the biggest predator of them all, you, and I can’t move. Do you know the nightmares I have?”

“Nay.” He didn’t have the biggest brain.

Went on, “When they turn me on, I can feel my feet. I can. And if I feel them, I can move them.”

“Just don’t…. eat me.”

“Nay… Do you feel the urge to travel? How about Graceland? I’ve always wanted to see the Jungle Room. Hey, maybe I’m the King!”