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223 01 January 14th 2018

 Sunday Photo Fiction

“It’s a snow leopard.”

“I know.”

“Then act a little excited.”

“I should be home waiting for the plumber.”

“This cat is endangered. If we don’t do something, it will vanish.”

“If I don’t get my plumbing fixed, I’m gonna be floating in shit!”

Jake looked at the creature. “It’s a cat, Mike. A big cat, but a cat. We got plenty more in the world. Tigers. Lions.”

“Sure, there are lions and tigers, Jake, but they are endangered, too.”

“Why would they be endangered?”

“Because idiots shoot them for fun.”

“That’s not right.”

“Now, you understand. It’s important that we appreciate the snow leopard so they don’t go extinct.”

“What I understand is my freaking basement is flooded with shit and the plumber is gonna charge me who-the-frick knows to clean out the line! That’s what is important. What’s a freaking snow leopard gonna do for me? Lick it up?”

Mike watched him walk away. No wonder so many animals were endangered.

Jake walked, head down. His Ex took everything but the shit-sprewing house! When did he have time for cats?

She took the fricking cat anyway, for gods sake!

She took the fricking cat.






Quote For The Day 1-13-2018

Some books come to you…. They are bonuses, gifts. You do not have to kill some little part of your flesh to dredge them up. This is a fatal shade mystical, but it is almost as if you are serving as agent for a book which wants to get itself written. 

~Norman Mailer, “Mr. Mailer Interviews Himself,” in The New York Times Book Review, 1967 September 17th