Friday Fictioneers 7-1-2017

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PHOTO PROMPT © Rochelle Wisoff-Fields


The street was cobbled, narrow, splashed with sun and shadow. I heard the distant tolling of St. Andrews ricocheting through blood and bone and marrow, sea songs deep where I had no control.

It was death I heard calling.

I stepped into the shadows, walking to the land of bones. Sun. Shadow. Sun. Shadow. Sun. Sea salt and brine. Nowhere else to run.

Drowning in air.

I felt the pain before I heard the shot.

Sand. Fish-rough hands. A hand grasping my shoulder.

The sea always calls home its own.


Falling, drifting, far out beyond land. The land of bones.


Word Of The Day 5-3-2017




Pertaining to two seas


Captain Merry’s bimarian voyage was the first of its kind in the history of Athering, and his name was known by Harbourtowners for generations.

Some think that America needs to improve its bimarian naval defenses.

use – 1731

Word Of The Day 5-2-2017






  1. sailing with sails filled and almost close-hauled

  2. of sails :  being full and drawing steadily


a state of having the sails full of wind

with a rap full she would heel more — H. A. Calahan


Keep her a good full — a rap-full; but don’t let her fall away.
Chapter 38

The ship was kept a rap-full, and she went steadily across the passage, favoured, perhaps, by a little more breeze than had blown most of the morning.
Afloat and Ashore A Sea Tale

The fore and mizen top-gallant-sails were set as fast as possible, the weather-braces pulled upon a little, the bowlines eased, and the brig kept a rap-full.
Afloat and Ashore A Sea Tale

Cuffe, addressing the officer of the watch; “we must do all we can here; for when abreast of the breakers everything must be a rap-full to keep the ship under quick command”.
The Wing-and-Wing Le Feu-Follet


The word ‘rap-full’ comes from ‘rap’ (‘a sharp blow’) and ‘-full’).