Daily Press One Word Prompt – Twinkle

Twinkling lights flashed through dying foliage, dimming or brightening depending on how the surrounding leaves and weeds shifted in the wind. He’d never been here – to this particular place –  which was about the only thing going for him at the present moment.

By lockdown, they would miss him and set up the chase. He couldn’t go back. He wouldn’t go back. He’d take his own life before they lay a single hand upon him.

Drastic measures, yes, but better to die outside, free (okay, maybe sort-of-free) than live trapped in the  7 x 5 darkness he’d known so long. Five years alone, seeing only the slash of the guard’s face – hands –  pushing slop through the slit in the door. He’d almost forgotten the meanings and beings of light.

Stars twinkled all around, making him wish he could twinkle forever.  If only he knew how.

In the distance, baying hounds filled the night.

Up in the darkness, where only stars could see, a new star sparkled into life, twinkling happily.