Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers 6-18-2017

This week’s photo prompt is provided by The Magicsticgoldenrose.

Guide for Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers

1. A prompt photo will be provided each Tuesday to be used as a base to your story. Please include photo prompt with your story.

2. Linking for this challenge begins on Tuesday and runs to the following Monday evening.

3. Please credit photo to photographer.

4. The story word limit is 100 – 150 words (+ – 25 words). Please try to stay within this limit.

“A real fucking castle,” Chris said, eyes rising to the topmost crenelations. “Who’d of thought.” They hadn’t been on top of the charts long enough for this sort of treatment to feel normal.

Bellhops grabbed their bags, hurrying into the entrance and up to the King Arthur Suite. When the band arrived, their bags had been unpacked, clothes stored away in ancient looking wardrobes.

“Make sure they didn’t snitch your underwear,” Jay called to Chris as he explored his room.

“There weren’t any females,” Dante put in, “and if any of those guys stole his underwear….. eeugh!”

“Har..har…funny,” came Chris’ reply, muffled by the expanse of the sitting room.

Jay stood, confused, staring at the inside of his wardrobe.

Chris and Dante appeared in his doorway, blonde against black. “Something wrong, grasshopper?”

“Wait….. yeah….” He glanced over at them, then back to the wardrobe.

Kerry joined them, shaggy brown hair falling over his forehead. “Something up?”

“Yeah,” Jay repeated. “Somebody stole my underwear!”

Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers 1-26-2017

Week of 01-24 through 01-30-2017

This week’s photo prompt is provided by Singledust.

I should have known things would end at a Chinese place. Don’t they always? Regardless, here I was and, having come this far, I decided I might as well go on inside.

The store was dim, filled with whatever smells usually make up those places. Cinnamon? Nutmeg? Myrrh? They didn’t sound right, but what do I know?

The minute I stepped in, the proprietor knew who I was and why I was there. Must have been the hat.

“I’ve been waiting.”

Least he didn’t pretend he only spoke Chinese.

“Give back the jewel and I’ll walk out without calling the police.”

He looked at me. I could see the thinking going round in his head.

“No, you will not call the police.”

We both pulled guns at the same time, me from the small of my back, and he from under the counter. For a moment, we both watched the thinking in the others eyes.

“Shall we dance?” I asked. The longer I kept him off-balance, the greater chance I had of leaving with the jewel and no holes in my body.

And that, in my book, was a damned good day.

JSW Prompt 1-14-2017


“Is there a difference?”

“Well… yes, of course.”

“I beg to differ. If you are acquiring things which don’t belong to you, it stands to reason you are stealing them.”

“Haberdash and humbuggery!”

“Take this TV, for example.”

“What about it?”

“It’s not yours, correct?”

“Well… it is now.”

“But you didn’t buy it in the store? Did you?”

“Humm…not if you are thinking Best Buy or Walmart. Let’s just say I borrowed it from the greater store of the world.”

“The greatest store in the world?”

“Look around you. Think of each house as a mini store with the world as the all-encompassing mall.”

“That’s stealing.”

“Borrowing with intent.”

“But look at all this stuff.”

“Pretty, isn’t it?”

“Pretty, yes, and not yours. So….why?”

“It’s fun.”


“Yeah, you know, enjoyable. Something one likes doing. Pleasurable.”


“Need a microwave?”


Sunday Photo Fiction – August 7th 2016

The idea of Sunday Photo Fiction is to create a story / poem or something using around about 200 words with the photo as a guide.

A bit late, but….I was almost done, so decided why not.)

See More Here.



“Well?” came the tiny voice over the receiver in my ear.

“Well what?”

“Can you do it?”

I sighed.  “Yes, absolutely.” Piece of cake, though I didn’t say such to him.  If I had, I’ve of spent the next year of my life explaining why.

“I’ll be at the door.”

Yeah, you do that.

I wasn’t sure why he wanted the old thing, besides it being fricking old. There are, however, some things best left unsaid and this was one.

An hour later, I slipped out the side door, conveniently cut off from the alarm system.  He was there as promised, anxious.  I’d never known anybody as constantly anxious as John.


I opened my sports bag and pulled out the grappling hook.  “I’d suggest you move along with it.”

“Thank you,” he said, clutching it close as he disappeared around the corner of the museum.

I Jogged the other way,  bag lighter by a touch, but still heavy.

What John doesn’t know, won’t hurt him.