JSW Prompt Response 5-14-2017


He’d never been up the stairs, though he’d often thought, nay dreamed, about it. There was a mystery beyond that bend of which, he feared, he would never know.

He’d come here every day for the last year, wanting, hoping, wishing, but no. He was afraid. Wasn’t sure of what, but afraid none-the less. And now, this was the last day, the last chance, for him to buckle up his courage and set foot on the moss-covered stones.

Tomorrow, he was going home. University was over. Time to return to his normal life in America. Job. Guy friends. Girl friends. The Girl Friend. Engagement. Marriage. House. Car. Picket fence. 2.5 children.

2.5?  What?

Growing older. Grand-kids. Retirement – too poor to do anything but sit at home and watch TV. Death of his wife. His own death. Or at least assumed she would go first. Maybe not; maybe it would be him.

Well, life in a nutshell, but was that the life he wanted? A normal, ordinary life?

A boring life?

Now or never.

Putting his foot on the bottom step, he felt a thrill rush his body like an ocean wave. A tingling starting in his foot, running up him and over.

A second step.

Stomach threatening. Breath quick.

Easier as he went up.

At the bend, he paused before looking around. Behind him a normal life. Before him…. what? Probably just the top of the stairs.

Still……. maybe not……