Question of the Day 1-17-2019

What are your goals for the rest of January?

  1. To Finish editing the first third of The Cobra Effect.
  2. To catch up on my blog reading.
  3. Clean laundry room.

What fun goals – at least the first two. I do need to clean the laundry room, however, but have been putting it off. So now its time to stick it to the schedule.


Question of the Day 1-16-2019

What is your happy thought for today?

I’m feeling good today. After several weeks of ups and down over the holidays, I finally feel like I am back on track with my life. I’m happy because today is sunny (finally!), I have a good job, healthy family, happy puppy and cats. I am happy because I am a writer and won at NANoWrMo. I’m happy because I finally finished a (first draft) after years of being stuck.

So, today my happy thought is:

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