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whisper of wind in the trees, noise of leaves that move in the wind; whispering sound


An adaptation of the Ancient Greek ψιθύρισµα (psithurisma) or ψιθυρισµός (psithurismos), from ψιθυρίζω (psithurizō, “I whisper”), from ψίθυρος (psithuros, “whispering”, “slanderous”).


An interesting post I found about psithurism:



bron·tide \ˈbrän‧ˌtīd\
Popularity: Bottom 30% of words


:  a low muffled sound like distant thunder heard in certain seismic regions especially along seacoasts and over lakes and thought to be caused by feeble earth tremors


“That storm’s coming our way, lads, judging by the brontide,” the Pirate captain Thunder-Guts said. “Either that or it’s me stomach, bell peppers’ll prevent scurvy but they won’t do ye any good with the lady folk, if ye catch me drift.”

A far off, brontide-like noise and the threat of ruined crops echoed in the sky outside the cottage.”


From Ancient Greek βροντή (bronte, “thunder”) +‎ -ide




Reflections on Choice

Reflections on Choice

Well written, touching, post for JSW. Thanks for responding.

Reena Saxena

Yes. It happened again. I should have seen it coming, but hope blinds me every time I repeat the act.

I adored my father for the love that he showered on me, for the values that he espoused. I could not respect a person who was not honest, straightforward and kind like my father was. Except for that one behavioral trait of his – he placed his parents on a pedestal, worshipped them, and did not support anyone who opposed them. Devotion to his parents was not a bad thing, except that it left my mother unhappy and unheard at several points.

As I drive towards the court, I realize that I could not take a part of a man. I am unable to say – I will take this 70 percent that I like about you, but not the remaining 30 percent. People come in whole packages, not in…

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