Quote For The Day 10-16-2017


Response 10-15-2017 to JSW Prompt 9-25-2017

This was much harder than I thought it would be, which is why it had taken me two weeks. Then again, not being a horror fan, I had a hard time getting into the mindset. Still, here goes!


Cold night.

Dark night.

Full of sounds and sighs.

Screams and howls.

Bones and blood.

Claws missing eyes.

Bloodying cheeks.

Rending chests.



Dark eating legs to bones.

Friday Fictioneers 10-15-2017

PHOTO POMPT © Douglas M. MacIlroy

“He’s a squawker, ain’t he,” Bill asked over the baby’s frantic cries.

“You’re holding him too tight.”

“Shut up.”

“You’re going to hurt him.”

“I ain’t gonna hurt him. What’d you care anyway. It’s just a stinky bird.”

“It’s not……  it’s….” She didn’t know, but it had wings. One day it could fly away, be free.

“Dumb bitch.” He squeezed his fist around the baby bird then tossed it aside.  Onto the concrete. Walked inside.

She fell to her knees beside the tiny body, crying for broken wings.

Sunday Photo Fiction 10-14-2017

“Ugly fellow.”

“Why would you say that?” Holding back irritation.

“I never understood those beards.”

Workers bustled around, packing the statue into a sturdy wooden box, ensuring each delicate part was safely secured, and screwing on the lid.  I marked the papers on my clipboard.

“They are fake. Worn for religious purposes.”

“Still ugly.”

I turned away to hide growing anger. One simply did not talk about the Pharaoh in such a manner. Remained turned away, watching the wooden box loaded onto the first truck. Tapped the driver’s window.

The driver pulled away.

“No worries, Your Majesty. Soon, you will be free to rule once more.”