Friday Fictioneers – December 30, 2016



PHOTO PROMPT © Shaktiki Sharma

The picture was dark and indistinct, like one of those ghost hunting shows where everything happens in flashes of light between dark. We spent a lot of time exploring abandoned places and this night was no different. Tommy snapped pictures of the old railway station. Back at his house, we sorted through the printed images.
The boy stood on the edge of the platform, backpack over one shoulder. He hadn’t been there when Tommy took the picture.
“There aren’t ghosts,” we both said.
Tommy torn the picture into pieces and tossed them into the trash. Our love of the abandoned was done.

Friday Fictioneers 11-4- 2016




“It’s cute,” Susie said. “Let’s see if they have cold drinks.” She got out of the car, heading towards the door. Sam followed.

“Can I help ya?” the old man asked from behind the counter. Nodded them towards the refrigerated case.

As they debated choices, the old man walked up behind them, splitting both their heads open with his ax.

“Looks neat,” Kimmy said, heading towards the Trading Post door, husband following behind.

“Can we help you? asked the young couple behind the counter.

“Cold drink?”