Literally? 8-5-2017

I don’ know how many of my fellow bloggers are literal people, but I am. Does it scare anybody else how little people seem to use their brain these days?  Is literacy dead?

If you tell me something, I am going to take your words literally. So, if you show me the signs below, don’t be upset when I point out their idiocy in a very sarcastic manner.

Sometimes all I can do is to fall back on my standard reply:


Funny Pictures Of The Day – 34 Pics

Well...given the choices...haha.   (The arrows really just clarify what they meant by the stop sign lol.)

...but how...

FAIL. Uh... But you just said not to...

Soccer Not Allowed



(all pictures from Pinterest and are not my own)

























Sunday Photo Fiction 2-12-2017



“A Bubble Dragon!” Adding hopefully, “Bubble Worm?  Bubble Nessie?”

Got only an eye-roll.

“Nobody seems afraid. See how they are flocking near in tents and vans to pay tribute.”


“Strolling along. Old folks waiting to board the Worm Ship to the Afterlife.”

He didn’t even look this time, but felt the eye-roll. Cleared his throat.

Not going well. He had a suspicion this date, their first, would be their last. But how could he date somebody who knew nothing about Bubble Dragons-Worms-Nessies-Ships? She probably only knew things like work-paycheck-healthy-boring.

Still, hating to leave a bad impression, he wading into the bushes, fighting his way to the swatch of Queen Ann’s Lace and Poppies beyond. Picking a poppy, he waded back to her eye-roll.

“For you.” Offering the flower. Almost adding ‘from the Bubble Dragon and me,’ but knew enough to leave those words unsaid. “For our first date.”

I’m not sure there will be a second one, her eyes said, and then she smiled. Taking the flower, she brought it to her nose. “It has no smell.”

“Well….. the bubble….”

“Stop!” But no eye-roll. “You know you’ve set a precedent here, right?”

He eye-rolled. And smiled.