Word Of The Day 3-6-2017




  1. :  lacking physical, mental, or moral vigor :  enervated


  1. <a lifetime of working in dreary jobs had enervated his very soul>

  2. <the surgery really enervated me for weeks afterwards>


1595-1605; < Latin ēnervātus weakened (past participle of ēnervāre) equivalent to ē- + nerv (us) sinew + -ātus; compareAnglo-French enervir, French énerver

Did You Know?

Enervate is a word that some people use without really knowing what it means. They seem to believe that because “enervate” looks a little bit like “energize” and “invigorate” it must share their meaning – but it is actually their antonym. “Enervate” comes from the Latin word enervare, which was formed from the prefix e-, meaning “out of,” and “-nervare” (from nervus, meaning “sinew or nerve”). So, etymologically at least, someone who is enervated is “out of nerve.”