“I Am Brave” 30-Day Challenge Day 3 6-1-2017

I knew starting this challenge would send me spinning off course,  but I hadn’t expected so much spin. I am now back and ready to continue. Wow – self-awareness is scary as crap.

I am Self-Aware


Ask a friend what they see as your greatest strength and greatest weakness.

My friend told me that my greatest strengths were humanity, perseverance and generosity. Not sure why, but I expected something different. I don’t know what I was expecting, but there you go.  I do agree with the humanity and generosity (though I often don’t feel generous inside) but the perseverance surprised me. I’ve always thought that I give up too quickly. I will admit this trait has gotten better over the years, but it wouldn’t have been an attribute I attributed to myself. Then again, maybe I’ve been giving up on myself too easily.

And my greatest weakness was fear of change. Which, I thought, I’d conquered – at least somewhat – but maybe I was deluding myself.  I’ll need to think of this for a time, try to connect her vision of me with my vision of me.

Today’s Journal Prompt

One of my greatest strength has always been my sensitivity to others thoughts and feelings.

One of my greatest weaknesses that I acknowledge is how sensitive I am to others thoughts and feels.

I know this sounds contradictory. It is. At the same time, it isn’t. Sometimes our greatest strengths are also our greatest weaknesses. It has taken me years to figure this conundrum out, or at least, start to figure it out.