Sunday Photo Fiction 3-8-2018

26 Jade Wong March 4th 2018

© Jade Wong

Sunday Photo Fiction

The snowman stood, smiling his silver smile, silver bow tie stuck to his neck with a small twig.  Nobody noticed him. One thing about being made of snow, he always blended in.

Behind him, kids played, shreeking with laughter. If only he could laugh, but no throat, no laugh. Just another deterrent of snowman life.

He’d never seen play before, or kids. Were they little snow beings with little silver bow ties and silver eyes? Or were they something else, something stolen from snowmen myths?

Ruing the lack of feet, scraping snowman butt, he inched around. Somebody in the Snowman Bureau of Affairs needed to do something, pass some law, issue an edict. Snowmen must have feet. Anything else was gross discrimination.

The shapes called kids flashed in his side vision, but they didn’t look like little snowmen. What could they be? Maybe he would be the one ….

A bat smashed into his head, snow flying, eyes and nose and mouth scattering like snowflakes in rain.

“One more down. Let’s find another one!”




Sunday Photo Fiction 2-28-2018

25 Mike Vore February 25th 2018
© Mike Vor

Sunday Photo Fiction

He liked to be alone. Walking through the woods, loafers loud on the plank walkway, the peace of the forest surrounded him. He’d grown up in a house surrounded by woods; had always felt just as home outside as he had in.

Life was different now. He existed in a concrete maze, nary a slash of green anywhere. There were parks, man-made, allowing just enough ‘wild’ to show through the smooth veneer of their civilized mask.

He had money, the fancy house, cars, a lovely wife, but none of it made him happy. Not even his wife and he’d thought he’d loved her long ago.

This wasn’t the way he wanted to live his life. This wasn’t who he was or who he was meant to be.

He stopped at the curve of the walkway, staring off into the woods, listening to the scamper of a squirrel in dead leaves, the rub of branches, the distant call of a hawk. His suit coat dropped to the ground, followed by his watch, wedding ring and wallet. He didn’t need them anymore. Wasn’t that person anymore.

Stepping off into the leaves, he walked away, disappearing into the distant line of trees.


Sunday Photo Fiction 2-28-2018

24 Sascha Darlington February 18th 2018
© Sascha Darlington
Sunday Photo Fiction

The space between the gates was not wide enough for her to slip through so she dropped belly down, squirming under the fence, chain links catching at her hair and hoodie.

Once inside, she took off at a run, reaching the kennels moments later, glancing in each as she trotted down the walkway. Momma and the babies huddled in the last run, puppies protected by Momma’s thin body.

“It’s okay, Momma,” she assured the bitch as she slipped inside. “I won’t hurt you or your pups.”

Rubbing Momma’s neck, she lifted the puppies one by one, cradling them in the lifted front of her sweatshirt.

Carefully, she trotted back to the gate, Momma beside. Placed the puppies one by one on the other side, then slid back beneath the gate, Momma still at her side.

Gathering the tiny balls of fur, she ran to the path leading away from the Institute and back towards town.

“No one is going to hurt your pups,” she promised Momma. “Ever.”

Ever, ever, ever, she promised as she ran.

Not sure how I feel about this story. Something is off, but since I can’t figure it out right now and I’m already late posting, I decided to just take the plunge.

Sunday Photo Fiction 2-5-2018

 22 Dawn Miller February 4th 2018
© Dawn Miller

Sunday Photo Fiction

A Clearing in the Woods

“Ah, hell no,”Kerry groaned, staring at the wheelbarrow then down the grassy path towards the house site. “Really?”

Jay grinned, tee-shirt sleeve pushed up past his elbows. “Really.”

Kerry muttered something, pulling off his jacket and tossing it over a log.

“At least it’s not raining.”

“That’s a miracle.” He paused. “I thought barn-building went out with the old west.”

With a shrug, Jay lifted up the handles of the wheelbarrow.  “Shows how much you Welsh know about American history.”

“At least Chris is happy.”

They started walking deeper into the woods, following the path, hoping that this house would finally make the lead singer happy.

“Not likely,” Kerry opined to their unspoken thoughts.

“Maybe. Maybe not. But I’ll frame a dozen houses if that’s what it takes.”

“Yeah,” Kerry said, pausing a moment to think about life and jobs and friends.

“Yeah. Me, too.”







Sunday Photo Fiction 1-31-2018

20 Eric Wicklund January 28th 2018
Sunday Photo Fiction

One Day In The Garden

“Hey, Chris,” Jay called, “They’ve got you memorialized!”

Chris wandered over. “Damn, my butt looks good.”

“Don’t let your head get bigger.”

“No chance. Look at that leg. Nice.”

“Only you could find a statue sexy.”

“What? You’ve never seen David? Aphrodite and Eros? Venus de Milo? Good god, Jay, what swamp did you crawl out from?”

“Ass. No wait, you think David is sexy?”

“Not in a ‘gotta-have-him’ way, but he is considered rather risque.”

“Newest headlines on National Enquirer! ‘Rock Star Chris Crenshaw in love with statue of David! Begging Italy… Let me take him home!'”

Chris rolled his eyes. “Yeah, I’ll put him right in my bedroom, gaze lovingly at him at night.”

“Wait, you’re never in your bedroom, at least your home bedroom.”

Chris shrugged. “So he’ll get lonely.”

“We could take him on tour. Work him into the opening number.”

“You tell the roadies they have to move his ass cause I won’t.”

“I guess he’ll have to stay in Italy.”

“We’ll visit him when the tour gets there.”

“Hey, that’s right.” Jay grinned. “A night with David. What a great photo op!”

Chris punched him in the arm and walked away.









Sunday Photo Fiction 1-24-2018

20 CEAyr January 21st 2018 Sunday Photo Fiction

“This is a very valuable book,” Professor Johnson stated. “Only a few persons have been allowed to study the text inside.” Subtext – Me.

His students sighed restlessly, already bored with the upcoming lecture.

John scribbled a message, tosses it to Bill.

Gonna puke.




Bill texted quickly and slid his phone away unnoticed.

Five minutes later, the fire alarm started to blare. In the panic, Professor Johnson tried to organize the students to exit single file, but students fled every way, around and over desks, out the window, log-jamming in the doorway.

“Students! Students! One by one, please. One at a time!”

Bill and John rose slowly, watching the confabulation of students, dawdling until they were the last one in the classroom.

John walked to the Professor’s desk, hefted the book in one hand. Flipped through to the front plate. “Copywrite 1964. Gods old.”

“Guess we ought to take it to him.”

“Might disappear between here and there.”

“True, but… we should make the effort. Wouldn’t want to misplace such a fine and sacred text.”

Stepping out of the hall and heading in the opposite direction from the fleeing students, John tucked the book neatly under one arm.




“Feels more like a Beer and Pizza Day.”

Bumping fists, they headed out for the day.








Sunday Photo Fiction 1-15-2018

223 01 January 14th 2018

 Sunday Photo Fiction

“It’s a snow leopard.”

“I know.”

“Then act a little excited.”

“I should be home waiting for the plumber.”

“This cat is endangered. If we don’t do something, it will vanish.”

“If I don’t get my plumbing fixed, I’m gonna be floating in shit!”

Jake looked at the creature. “It’s a cat, Mike. A big cat, but a cat. We got plenty more in the world. Tigers. Lions.”

“Sure, there are lions and tigers, Jake, but they are endangered, too.”

“Why would they be endangered?”

“Because idiots shoot them for fun.”

“That’s not right.”

“Now, you understand. It’s important that we appreciate the snow leopard so they don’t go extinct.”

“What I understand is my freaking basement is flooded with shit and the plumber is gonna charge me who-the-frick knows to clean out the line! That’s what is important. What’s a freaking snow leopard gonna do for me? Lick it up?”

Mike watched him walk away. No wonder so many animals were endangered.

Jake walked, head down. His Ex took everything but the shit-sprewing house! When did he have time for cats?

She took the fricking cat anyway, for gods sake!

She took the fricking cat.