Quote For The Day 9-19-2017

Every moment is a chance to fulfill our purpose.

JSW Prompt 9-6-2017

Finally got the new power cord and battery for my computer so I can get my blog back on track! Yipee!

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"You're still here... and you're making pancakes?"  He stared at the boy while flipping one, caught it in midair in his mouth, and chewed. And chewed. "Tough as tires." He grabbed the syrup and poured some in, gargling.   The boy grimaced. "You were supposed to leave."   He frowned, propping his cloven hooves on the rungs of the barstool. "Oh, right. Well, one thing you'll learn while questing, is to never travel on an empty stomach, Kale."    "Basil. My name is Basil."



Word Of The Day 4-15-2017





worship of words


“Kyle’s epeolatry has gotten to the point where he’s unfriended people on Facebook for misspelling common words.”

“I read my dictionary for a few more minutes, until tiredness eventually brought my epeolatry to an end for the day.”


From Ancient Greek ἔπος (épos, word) + -latry (worship of). The first citation of the word is from Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr., in his 1860 book Professor at the Breakfast Table.