Quote For The Day 1-17-2019

“[T]he atoms or elementary particles themselves are not real; they form a world of potentialities or possibilities rather than one of things or facts.”
Werner Heisenberg


Reena’s Exploration Challenge #69 1-14-2019


Reply 1-14-2019 – Reena’s Exploration Challenge – Week 68

Wishing you all a very Happy New Year!

It feels good to be back again, and the words that ring in my mind are “Back to Normal”.

Well, I give you two quotes here, related to the words. Pick one, pick both or spin your own take on ‘Back to Normal’.

Contradictory, yes …. but it all depends on how you define your normal. or choose to redefine it. The quotes are tricky, not what they appear to be on the surface. What is really normal?

But well … that’s my take. I am eager to read yours.

What does it mean to be normal?

Most of my life I believed normal was something which I was not. Normal were those people around me who seemed to be able to negate the world in a relatively (to me) sane and regular manner. The kids with circles of friends and seemed to know how to act in every social occasion. I didn’t so I was not normal.

Those people who could handle new experiences and new people with ease. I couldn’t.

Those people who seemed to know their life’s path with certainty. I didn’t.

People who weren’t always afraid of being or doing wrong. I was.

People who could speak up about their thoughts and feelings and needs. I couldn’t.

People whose kids won awards and scholarships. I didn’t. Mine didn’t.

People whose kids studied hard and seemed to have their life planned out (including winning those awards, being good at sports, getting good grades). I didn’t. Mine didn’t.

I had taken me years to realize that nothing is normal. There is no normal. Everything I was looking to find to be normal, isn’t real. Isn’t normal.

There are thousands, maybe millions, of ‘normals’ in our world.

We are all varieties of ‘normal.’

I am finally learned to live with my ‘normal,’ knowing I am not normal at all.



Reenas Exploration Challange 68

Quote For The Day 1-14-2019

“Today, I choose not to take my life for granted.

I choose not to look upon the fact that I am healthy, have food in my refrigerator and have clean water to drink as givens. They are not givens for so many people in our world. The fact that I am safe and (relatively) sane are not givens. That I was born into a family who loves me and into a country not ravaged by war are not givens. It is impossible to name all of the circumstances in my life I’ve taken for granted. All of the basic needs I’ve had met, all of the friendships and job opportunities and financial blessings and the list, truly, is endless. The fact that I am breathing is a miracle, one I too rarely stop to appreciate.

I’m stopping, right now, to be grateful for everything I am and everything I’ve been given. I’m stopping, right now, to be grateful for every pleasure and every pain that has contributed to the me who sits here and writes these words.

I am thankful for my life. This moment is a blessing. Each breath a gift. That I’ve been able to take so much for granted is a gift, too. But it’s not how I want to live—not when gratitude is an option, not when wonder and awe are choices.

I choose gratitude. I choose wonder. I choose awe. I choose everything that suggests I’m opening myself to the miraculous reality of simply being alive for one moment more.”

Scott Stabile

Quote For The Day 1-13-2019

“When we perceive the stars, the stars are the object of our perception—they exist within us. When we perceive the ocean, the ocean is also within us. The idea that things exist outside of our Consciousness is an illusion. Ancient wisdom traditions have known this for centuries, and even modern science has recognized that our sense organs merely receive information and project it within our own minds. Vision does not take place in the eye, but in an area located in the back of the brain. Everything that we perceive to be “out there” is being experienced “in here.”

Joseph P. Kauffman, The Answer Is YOU: A Guide to Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual Freedom