Quote For The Day 2-18-2018

It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are. ~e.e. cummings


Question of the Day 2-14-2018

Please feel free to answer these questions on your blog or in the responses. If you leave me a link to your post, I will re-post it on my blog. You can also feel free to forward these questions to anybody who might be interested. Thank you to those who have already shared their thoughts.


What mood are you in today?

I am in a fantastic mood. Sang with my music all the way to work. It’s only maybe ten minutes so don’t be too impressed;) I woke up in a good mood. Not an I-want-to-get-out-of bed mood, but good none-the-less. Hard to get up when you have a warm puppy curled up beside you. But I did do my back exercise before I got out of bed so that was a plus.

I am going away for a long weekend, Friday – Sunday, and then off Monday. Every February, a friend and I take off to Chincoteague Island for the weekend. Some of you might have read my post about last year’s trip. If you haven’t and are interested, you can search “Chincoteague and Pony Penning” on my blog.

Chincoteague is an island off the coast of Virginia and Maryland. It is well-known for the wild ponies which live on the island and the once-a-year roundup and auction of the current year’s crop of foals. Not all them, but enough to keep their numbers down to a sustainable population. The island is also famous for Margaret Henry’s book Misty of Chincoteague. Misty was a real pony from the herd as were her foals, Stormy and Sea Star, both whom also have books written about them. If you haven’t heard of Margaret Henry and her books, all about real equines, you should get to the library. Or bookstore, whichever is your preference.

Not only is this a pony spotting weekend, but also a model horse event. As I’ve said, I collect model horses and there is a show in Maryland this weekend. Yes, model horses can be shown like real horses , except they don’t move. I’m packing my tubs and almost ready to go. Wish me many ribbons and awards.

But back to my mood. I have been taking a newish -for me- medicine. The pill comes in 300 ML (or whatever unit is used) and I take 1/64th of that. I only take it two days a week. Any more and I am a zombie for days.

The money issues are not solved, but lessening as I start my full-time job and benefits. I can see the light at the end of the dollar signs.

I am attempting to get posts ready for this weekend, but since my computer at home only turns on when it feels the need, I’m not sure how my efforts will turn out. So, if I’m not on this weekend, think of me playing with model horses and looking for real ponies.

No wonder I’m feeling so great. Two of favorite things coming up in TWO days!