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“Fairy tales are about trouble, about getting into and out of it, and trouble seems to be a necessary stage on the route to becoming. All the magic and glass mountains and pearls the size of houses and princesses beautiful as the day and talking birds and part-time serpents are distractions from the core of most of the stories, the struggle to survive against adversaries, to find your place in the world, and to come into your own.”

Rebecca Solnit, The Faraway Nearby

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July 16, 2016 by athling2001

Daily Post One Word Prompt – Upredictable

The Neighbors, Part 4

There are those among us who live unpredictable lives. Nasty men. Vicious women. Forgotten children. You will never see them. They pretend normalcy; friends and neighbors and co-workers. Inside they are monsters.

Am I one? Some things are best discovered on your own.


He stood at the top of the stairs, neither up or down, in or out, waiting. He had no clue what he was waiting for, maybe clarity, reality or maybe just for his brain to come back together into some sort of logical sense.

He’d never. Not once. His entire life. Been this. Indecisive.
What the hell was happening? Whatever it was, he wanted it stopped. Now.

He closed the door to the basement, backtracking his steps to the kitchen. Bare lines, empty counters, metallic shine of the appliances. This was his favorite room in the house. Spartan. Clean. Cold. Empty.

Like him. Like his life. Before.

He’d never understood the concept of before and after. How could something be right then and wrong now?

So what was he going to do?

A cup of tea. Everything went with a cup of tea. Even the feeling your life was falling apart.

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JSW Prompt 8-26-2019

Feel free to join in and respond to the prompt. Please try to keep your response between 200 – 250 word (recommended, not law). You can write a story, poem, essay, anything which strikes your fancy! Link your work back to this post so people can read it.


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