JSW Prompt 1-14-2017


“Is there a difference?”

“Well… yes, of course.”

“I beg to differ. If you are acquiring things which don’t belong to you, it stands to reason you are stealing them.”

“Haberdash and humbuggery!”

“Take this TV, for example.”

“What about it?”

“It’s not yours, correct?”

“Well… it is now.”

“But you didn’t buy it in the store? Did you?”

“Humm…not if you are thinking Best Buy or Walmart. Let’s just say I borrowed it from the greater store of the world.”

“The greatest store in the world?”

“Look around you. Think of each house as a mini store with the world as the all-encompassing mall.”

“That’s stealing.”

“Borrowing with intent.”

“But look at all this stuff.”

“Pretty, isn’t it?”

“Pretty, yes, and not yours. So….why?”

“It’s fun.”


“Yeah, you know, enjoyable. Something one likes doing. Pleasurable.”


“Need a microwave?”


4 thoughts on “JSW Prompt 1-14-2017

  1. It is all those things. I know. I’ve been a member of the ‘liberator’s’ club (or borrowing with intent, freely using, five finger discount etc) in the past. There was a unique thrill to it, but the downside is no good night’s sleep (for me), no ability to do the time (for doing the crime), and a sense that karma was going to kick my ass for it sooner or later (she did. One big reason I stopped). I feel better about the fairness of things these days and sleep relatively well (better than when I was indulgent). I loved the story all the same! 🙂

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