Love Dare Week 1

All right – confession time.  The reality is I am going to have to take each “day” of the Love Dare and spread it out over a week. The ability to accept the Dare on a daily basis is just too much right now.  I want to do more than just skim each Dare.  I want to be able to sink into the words, the emotions, the needs, of each day and understand them (and myself) completely.

So saying, I have to admit the first day (week) went well.  I made a concerted attempt to censor my words and emotions around my sons, keep inside those words that would only cause hurt feelings or worse.  My hardest challenge has been to remain in the present.  Instead of thinking how much I would save in groceries or whatnot with them gone, I should be grateful for each day they are close.  Instead of saying, “I could or should,” I need to say, “Thank you for each and every moment.”

There is truth to the old saying, ‘If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all.”  Can you image how patient and kind and loving the world would be if each of us lived by such a rule?

My take-away from this Dare is that I need to be more patient with not only my life and with theirs.  What I *see* might be – and probably is –  completely different from how they see themselves.  I need to support them not only with my money, but with my trust and love and openness; allow my peace and love to support them to the highest level to which they dream of becoming.

We are all becoming.  The mystery lies in how courageous we will be in our own lives, no matter what step we might be on at the moment.

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